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About Ester

I’ve been passionately lifting weights since 2014 and unlock a new level of love and appreciation for it every time I set foot in a gym and work towards my goals and help my clients! Understanding the capacity of my body and the strength of my body has empowered me both mentally and physically, adding to my overall quality of life. I cannot put a price or time limit to how my life has changed for the better through the simple act of lifting weights. I believe that everyone deserves the chance to understand and live a better quality of life through health. I truly enjoy designing programs and coaching clients through workouts that will hopefully help them understand just why I love what I do for myself and others.

My Story

I grew up in a home with parents that without their knowledge always taught us that our health shouldn’t be taken for granted. My mother tried her hardest to instill good eating habits in us with a limited income and my father showed us that even as he aged that his body responded to his daily exercise routine. I remember thinking ‘”ugh not broccoli again!” at dinner, and” man! my dad is crazy” when I would hear him doing jumping jacks and push ups to start his day before he would head out for his daily runs. Now, years later in my 30’s I can’t get enough veggies and I LOVE seeing what new limits my body can hit through daily acts of exercise. I see others my age struggle in their daily life as we all lead busy lives and tend to forget to take care of ourselves as a result. I also know that life. I worked a desk job for 7 years in my 20’s and saw my quality of life suffer due to the high stress and lack of self care. I realized that I used my job as an excuse of never making it to the gym or even eating better. Once I took charge and set my mind to creating a routine that allowed me to make proper nutrition and exercise changes, my mood improved and my overall physical capabilities did to! I want to help others achieve this, too!

What qualifies me?

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m still learning and growing in this field, but I LOVE every minute of it and hope that I never lose my “hunger” to learn more! Not only do I constantly read to learn more, but I live the life and gain experience through it. I’m not afraid to work hard for you and your goals and let you know when you need to be more dedicated and be accountable for your actions. If I don’t know the answer, I will find it! I won’t BS you. I’m not afraid to explore what I don’t know. I will work for you, if you promise to put in the work for yourself as well!